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Live! – Barbara Burton, Behind Bras

Barbara Burton Behind BrasThere are around 3,800 women in UK prisons at any one time and only one in ten are able to get a job when they leave.

It costs £46,000 a year to put women in prison in the UK – why not put this money to good use by training them essential skills while they are there?

Barbara Burton is a woman on a mission to do something about this. Her business, Behind Bras, which she wrote the business plan for whilst in prison herself, aims to teach women sewing skills to help them work in fashion manufacturing when they leave prison.

In this heartfelt story, which Barbara told at Make it British Live!, she goes into detail about how Behind Bras came about.

Behind Bras

This podcast is part of a series of talks which took place at Make it British Live! 2019.

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