fbpx Why every manufacturer needs a great website

052 – Why Every Manufacturer Needs a Great Website

why every manufacturer needs a great website

Simple tips for how UK manufacturers can attract the right clients by just a few changes to their websites.

Sorry manufacturers, but you don’t always have the clearest websites, so is it any wonder that you’re getting loads of calls from the WRONG type of customer?

Maybe it’s because you are busy fulfilling orders? or because your work is so tangible they don’t feel the need to enter the digital world? or maybe you just don’t know where to start?

It is essential for any business to have a great online presence to continue to attract the right new clients.

Whether you like it or not everyone uses the internet, and not just for buying products and watching video, but also to research and source services, and that includes manufacturing services.

In this episode I discuss:

– Why you need to have a good website

– Why you need to attract the right type of client

– The importance of being clear about what you do and make

– What you should and shouldn’t include on your website

– How you can have an effective website on just a single page

Are you a manufacturer who is proud of their website? Or perhaps you found a manufacturer whose website you think is clear and a great example to others?

I’m looking for good examples of manufacturers websites for an upcoming workshop I’ll be running.
Pop a link to any you think are great in the comments below.


The Kalopsia Collective website as mentioned on the podcast.

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