How I set up a trade show for UK-made brands and manufacturers

How our trade show came about – and how it nearly went horribly wrong!

In 2014 I had the idea to set up a trade show for UK manufacturers.

This episode tells the story of why the event came about – and how it nearly went very horribly wrong!

For the first time, I share the behind the scenes story of what triggered the event happening in the first place, and why that nearly led to its downfall.

Hear the real reason behind why we ended up with queues around the block at that first show, and a warning as to why you should never hold a big event in a venue with no toilets!!

Thankfully, I can look back on our first event and laugh now, and I hope by sharing the story it gives inspiration to anyone else thinking of taking the leap to do something they’ve never done before.

If you’d like to attend this year’s trade show (which will be much better organised and will have proper toilets) go to www.makeitbritishlive.com/register

Big thanks to Soabar, label printers in Leicester, who are mentioned in this episode.

The hour long queue at Meet the Manufacturer 2014

The Linkedin post referred to in this episode

Our Trade Show

Business Design Centre, London N1


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