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Kate Hills shines the light on British brands and manufacturers, and goes behind the scenes of their businesses. With tips, hints and tricks to help you manufacture in the UK and buy British.
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So, you're looking for more clients for your UK factory?

Here are some of the ways that I can help...

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How the David Nieper fashion house is tackling the textile industry skills shortage

David Nieper is one of the largest UK clothing manufacturers. We interview MD Christopher Nieper to hear about his ‘just-in-time’ business model and initiatives to tackle textile skills shortage David Nieper is a long-standing fashion house based in Derbyshire.  The company sells direct to customers and operates a vertical business model carrying out everything in-house,…

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Can Leicester get back to it's garment manufacturing heyday?

Over 60 businesses and stakeholders came together in Leicester last week to develop a plan to support the growing demand for UK garment manufacturing. Read on to find out why now, why Leicester and what’s next… A ground-breaking meeting was held at Leicester City Hall on the 6th October 2017 to look at ways in…

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Wallpaper manufacturer Surface Print talks products, process and progress

We travelled to Lancashire, to visit wallpaper manufacturer Surface Print. Abigail Watson, Surface Print marketing director, talks to us about all things wallpaper, from Lancashire’s manufacturing heritage to the services Surface Print offer, and their own brand  – 1838 Wallcoverings. The first wallpaper machine was invented in Lancashire, so it’s no surprise to learn of Lancashire’s…

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How Crown Northampton's British heritage and quality craftsmanship underpins its success

How has one of the last remaining footwear factories in the UK adapted to the changing industry? We catch up with Chris Woodford of Crown Northampton to hear how his family footwear business has survived after many businesses have closed down Located in the heart of British shoemaking, Crown Northampton have over a century of…

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2017 ends on a high for UK textile manufacturers

The annual Make it British survey of fashion and textile manufacturers has revealed that 2017 has been another great year for the sector.  This comes despite economic uncertainty with issues surrounding the availability of skills for an industry that just a few years ago everyone considered to be dead. Half of UK textile manufacturers saw turnover…

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Why I left my corporate job to save UK manufacturing…and why I'll never go back

In 2008 I left my well-paid job as a fashion buyer with a mission to do something about the decline in UK manufacturing. I reflect on my former career and how far I’ve come in the last few years. If you’re currently in an unrewarding job and want to do something different in 2018 then…

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Should the UK Government be buying British?

MP demands to know why Parliament aren’t serving on plates made in Stoke-on-Trent When Stoke-on-Trent North MP Ruth Smeeth noticed plates in the Houses of Parliament that didn’t have the renowned Stoke-on-Trent backstamp she questioned WHAT the UK Government were actually buying that was made in Britain. Ms Smeeth requested figures from the House of…

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How can we make manufacturing more appealing to young people?

Does the UK’s younger generation really not have the same work ethic as the older one? Or is it just that manufacturers are not presenting themselves in a way in which to attract them? In this article I consider WHY manufacturers may be having trouble appealing to young people, and what they can do about…

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Why UK manufacturers shouldn't budge on their prices

If UK manufacturers started to charge what they were really worth then everyone would be better off…here’s why I received a call from a journalist the other day, trying to get a picture on WHY UK garment manufacturers in particular parts of the country, are known for their bad practices. I said, the answer is…

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Greatest threat to renaissance of British fashion manufacturing is lack of skills

If UK fashion manufacturing is to get the revival that it is looking for the skills issue needs to be addressed URGENTLY A common concern amongst UK manufacturers that I talk to on a daily basis isn’t finding more customers at the moment, but finding enough skilled staff to keep up with the demand. This…

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