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How I started my printed scarf business with Ruth Dent

Find out how Ruth Dent went from working in IT to becoming an artist and then turning that art into a printed scarf business

Have you ever thought about having a career change because you wanted to follow your passion? That’s exactly what Ruth Dent did, when she went from working in IT to becoming an artist.

In this interview Ruth explains what inspires her work and the process involved in turning her artwork into wearable pieces of art.

She talks you through the process involved in  turning a painting into a printed piece of fabric, using the silk printer she works with in Macclesfield. Find out how long the whole process takes from start to finish and the advantages of working with a manufacturer in the UK.

If you’re interested in starting your own printed textile business you’re going to find Ruth’s advice invaluable.

To find out more about Ruth go to ruthdent.com

Ruth has been a member of Make it British for several years and we were delighted when she offered to be our first interview for a series of live member interviews we’ll be doing at 1pm every Tuesday on Facebook.

If you want to find out more about how Make it British can help your British-made business click here.

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