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Member News: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing announce their new menswear collection

WISC 2021 mens collection

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing By Paul Brown are proud to announce their new menswear 2021 collection which brings together over ten years of British excellence.

The collection by Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing includes new product lines such as trench coats, gilets, Harrington jackets and an impressive selection of men’s trousers. 

Producing the new collection has brought together other Make it British members including Courtney & Co button makers. Many of the new shirt lines use their environmentally sustainable corozo buttons. In addition, the new trench coats and Harrington Jackets are made from dry-waxed cotton by British Millerain and the gilets use tweed from Abraham Moon and Sons.

The eclectic collection offers men a complete British made outfit built on classic and timeless styles. A particular favourite for the season includes the stone and grey gilet which is quilted in-house and includes both dry-waxed cotton, 3M Thinsulate wadding and twill tweed.

This unique gilet offers the wearer excellent protection against the ever-changing British weather while being light and thin enough that it can be worn under a jacket.

WISC 2021 mens collection

The company Founder and head designer, Paul Brown had the following to say:

This new collection has been by far our most ambitious and challenging one but the final results were well worth the perseverance.  We want to thank our loyal customers for their continuous support over the years and are excited to present them with this collection which maintains our core values of unparallel quality, luxury and style.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing continues to use only the finest threads and materials for every item which is hand-cut and sewn by experienced British tailors and seamstresses who have a real passion for making the best possible clothing.

WISC 2021 mens collection

If you spend over £75 with Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, you have the option to add a free pair of boxers with your order! (Which can be applied at the checkout)

Find out more about Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing new collection here.


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