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Member News: The Brand Hangar featured in Scottish newspaper The Herald

The Brand Hangar

Wholesale fulfilment firm Brand Hangar have pivoted their business model during the pandemic. Read how they switched from being a wholesale distributor to getting products directly to the consumer.

The newspaper feature in The Herald tells the story of how Glasglow-born Susie Palmer set up The Brand Hangar almost 4 years ago. Over this time the business has grown and moved to larger premises to cope with demand for its elite service.

The article mentions that Susie spotted a gap in the market for distributors of high-end luxury fashion brands to get their products shipped to retail stores and customers. The idea of a luxury brand warehouse which selected, wrapped, packed and shipped formed in Susie’s mind and so The Brand Hangar was born.

Now The Brand Hangar is seen as a “hidden secret” in the fashion world and has become an essential component for London fashion houses.

With clients such as Justine Tabak, Sweethearts of the Rodeo and Wales Bonner, the service The Brand Hangar provides is key to getting their designer dresses and accessories into the hands of key clients and VIPs.

The Brand Hangar high-end designer clothing

It all quickly changed when the world went into lockdown and retail shops shut down overnight. The Brand Hangar were left with stock which was going out of season. Brands quickly realised that they needed to pivot and looked to concentrating on online retail. The Brand Hangar began to focus on distributing the products of their designer clients straight into the hands of their customers at home.

The article includes a quote from Susie about how the business needed to change focus in terms of distribution:

We had a warehouse full of stock of designer brands that were going nowhere. The focus then turned to online shopping and e-commerce really became the thing.

Where we had been sending out packages to stores, it was people buying from home in lockdown we were sending to.

Susie Palmer, Founder of The Brand Hangar
The Brand Hangar

To read the full article on The Herald click here

Contact The Brand Hangar via their Make it British listing here


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