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Member News: Padfield launches partnership with Creating Tomorrow’s Forests

Padfield Forest Partnership

Luxury, British-made leather handbag and accessory brand Padfield commits to planting one tree in a UK forest for every bag sold

Committed to crafting in England and working with British suppliers, Padfield are delighted to announce their partnership with UK-based Creating Tomorrow’s Forests.

As part of their initiative to fight climate change, Creating Tomorrow’s Forests have already planted 8 million trees in the UK.

Padfield’s founder Loren believes that being a British brand should not be determined simply by a British lifestyle image or an office address, it should be about 100% authentic British craftsmanship and British materials being celebrated across a brands entire collection.

Therefore it was natural fit for Padfield to champion initiatives that enhance local British communities and the environment.

With a growing international customer base Padfield felt it was vital to chose an initiative that also produces a global benefit.

Padfield Forest Partnership

With ethical and environmental sustainability a major factor in their decision making, sourcing and making locally also means Padfield can keep their carbon footprint low.

Founder Loren says:

“I spent my childhood climbing trees and playing in woodlands. The opportunity to be part of gifting the joy (and necessity) of trees to the next generation is a daily inspiration. 

Hundreds of years from now, the trees we plant together will live on, creating homes for wildlife, replenishing natural landscapes, and working to reduce atmospheric CO2.”

To find out more about Padfield’s partnership click here.

Shop Padfield’s collection here.


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