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Member News: Lotus Maternity award-winning bamboo baby blankets

Lotus Maternity Bamboo Blankets for babies

Designed by midwives for mothers, Lotus Maternity offer baby blankets as a perfect option to keep babies cool during this warmer weather

Wanting to empower mums to look and feel fantastic, Lotus Maternity offers a 100% natural range of baby & mum clothing.

Founder Olivia Swift began her career in midwifery. Discovering that women felt apprehensive about breast feeding in public, she set out to create a solution. She turned her hand to the fashion and textile industry to learn how such a garment could be made.

Olivia has developed her product range to an exceptional standard, suitable for the British market. She has been awarded Nottingham’s 30 under 30 for inspiring young people in business.

Olivia Swift Lotus Maternity UK-made garments for mums and babies

Offering a miracle product for parents during this September heatwave, Lotus Maternity offer baby blankets made from naturally cooling Bamboo.

Olivia, designed and developed the blankets specifically to help keep babies cool and comfortable during warmer weather.

The blankets are a huge hit with parents as it offers them a perfect solution for their baby no matter the weather. One parent commented:

It’s perfect to lay a baby down onto as the bamboo keeps him cool as it is a natural material yet it also provides the right degree of warmth on the cooler days and the colour is perfect!

We received ours embroidered which was a lovely personal touch.

This is my second baby so naturally I have around a dozen baby blankets but I can honestly say this is the softest blanket we own and the only one suitable for this hot weather we’re experiencing!

Aimee, Parent
Lotus Maternity UK-made bamboo baby blankets

The bamboo baby blanket was also chosen as one of The Independent’s 2019 best buys.

You can purchase your own Bamboo Baby Blanket from Lotus Maternity for just £35.99 here. You can also add custom embodied initials to make it extra personal.

Find out more about Lotus Maternity here.


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