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Member News: Dr Zigs launch zero-waste bubbles and online portal for stockists

Dr Zigs Zero Waste Bubbles

Dr Zigs manufacture giant bubble toys with a unique focus on being as ethical and as environmentally conscious as they can.

Taking their passion for sustainability one step further, Dr Zigs is now pleased to offer refills for their bubbles. You can now take your empty bottle into one of Dr Zigs participating retailers and get it refilled.

This concept means that one bubble kit can be used hundreds of times to make zillions of bubbles, making it cheaper for customers, and offers a good return for the business too.

To encourage more stockists to get involved in the zero-waste movement, Dr Zigs have updated their online tech to include a user-friendly portal for all their trade stockists who sell their bubbles across the UK and beyond.

Dr Zigs Zero Waste Bubbles
Dr Zigs aim to be as sustainable as possible by using plastic-free materials

The new system counts all the ingredients and components that go into every permutation of their Giant Bubbles and brilliantly incorporates customer and supplier orders into their workflows This makes the customer experience easier to navigate, and also faster, meaning more people have access to their great toys!

This new development means that Dr Zigs are able to take on new retailers and they are especially keen to work with zero-waste and eco shops to spread the joy of their ethical, low plastic and vegan toys.

Find out more about Dr Zigs and their zero-waste refills here


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