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Member News: Devanet UK invest in new vertical machining centre

Devanet VMC CNC machining

Devanet UK Ltd are a true British company that genuinely makes in the UK from design to completion, offering any business no matter how small a complete integrated service for buckles, leather and web belts, components and bespoke jewellery designs.

They have made the decision to purchase another technologically advanced Hurco Vertical Machining Centre which will enable the company to produce an extended range of buckles and components in stainless steel, titanium, bronze, brass, aluminium, tool steel and copper alloys. Devanet have also designed a range of wood buckles and accessories for those interested in sustainable products. 

With high precision and rapid machining up to 19 metres a minute this state of the art machining capability and recently purchased new modelling software enables Devanet to offer extended services to any entrepreneur who does not want to splash out on such large investments.    

With a capability of using small precision tooling and large tools up to 90 mm diameter for facing off, the ability to offer low volume machining services for customers, in particular special rates for “Make it British” members, it can open up lots of possibilities for anyone who wants to design their own products in whatever field they wish.  

Devanet have made this investment as more and more people are demanding British Made products and we are able to provide the services not just for buckles or bag hardware but for any industry sector in their chosen metal. 

Some of the key features include conversational programming which allows us to create a CNC straight from a DXF file to the machine speed, the look ahead function automatically works out how best to machine when approaching corners, slots and curves and plans without intervention by the operator to optimise the speed and quality of cut. 

One of the other very important key features is productivity with a typical program usually taking 17 minutes we have cut that down to 1 min 45 seconds that’s how good this machine is, or should I say how inefficient our other machine is. 

What does this new technology mean for our customers? Clearly faster throughput, optimal quality and the quick programming allows for cost savings to customers in the overall project.  For those in fashion, sport, or the promotional sector we are able to offer a bespoke service for machining buckles, bag components, homeware products, pet hardware and of course jigs and embossing dies in solid brass for a sharp clean cut.  Full CAD Drawing, step files, stl files, 3D rapid prototyping are all part of the service. All UK made by Devanet in Cheshire.

Find out more about Devanet UK here.


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  1. Tim Moss on July 29, 2020 at 11:08 am

    Nice machine. User friendly too so hopefully can get up to speed quickly.

    Good luck guys

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