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Member News: BBCo crowdfund UK manufacturing expansion

BBCo Kickstarter Holster cap

BBCo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to invest in more machinery to increase their UK manufacturing output and expand their range

BBCo Headwear are a UK brand who have embraced our changing world and have adapted their business in order to be as sustainable as possible.

One of those changes was the reshoring of their hat manufacturing to the UK from the Far East in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint and produce more sustainable, quality products.

Phase one of this reshoring meant that BBCo had to start small. They began to tweak and refine their handmade production processes that were already in place in the UK.

Their Holster cap is just one of the products they were able to develop during this first phase of their UK manufacturing project. 

BBCo Greener manufacturing
BBCo have chosen to move their manufacturing to the UK to have better control over their carbon footprint

In order to increase their manufacturing output and ultimately keep up with the demand of their customers, BBCo are now looking to invest in new machinery and training to enable them to work quicker and more efficiently as a business. 

Moving into phase two of their manufacturing, the brand is aiming to increase their product offering for their customers so they have designed a new 5-panel pinch front which is an exciting new style and product for BBCo.

BBCo Kickstarter Pinch front 5 panel

Part of the reason why BBCo have chosen to manufacture in the UK was to try and break the fast fashion cycle.

Having control over their own manufacturing means they can offer a leaner production process reducing overstocking and only producing what they know will sell which results in less waste and better quality products that last longer.

In order to invest in the new machinery needed to increase their UK-made product range, BBCo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the awareness of bringing manufacturing skills back to the UK and decreasing their manufacturing carbon footprint.

BBCo Kickstarter Rewards

In return for pledges made, BBCo are offering various rewards depending on pledge amounts including a Limited Edition Holster Cap, Cap bundles and monthly caps for an entire year!

Help support a UK-made business and their journey to reshoring by considering pledging to their project.

Find out more about BBCo and their kickstarter campaign here.


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