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Member Meet-ups – support from like-minded businesses

Our Make it British member meet-ups are a brilliant opportunity to make connections, get expert advice on growing your brand, and gain support from like-minded UK-made business. Do you want to join?

Member Meet-ups

One of the most fun parts of my week is our member meet-ups which take place every Friday on Zoom.

Many of our members have said that the member calls have been the highlight of their week during lockdown. It’s great to see all of their faces every week.

We’ve covered all sorts of different topics on our calls, from how Brexit is affecting UK-made businesses to practical advice on how to grow your mailing and improve your email marketing.

The calls are a great networking opportunity for UK-made brands to meet and collaborate with like-minded businesses. We’ve had members joining forces on photoshoots, using each other’s expertise to develop new products, and shout-outs on Instagram to support and promote each other.

Last week at at the member meet-up we had a special guest – Rhea Freeman. Rhea is an award-winning PR and social media expert.

Rhea gave us a fantastic demo of how to create Instagram Reels and inspired many members to have a go at making their first ever reel.

Reel from Valentina Karellas showing her knitting manufacturing
Reel from Roslyn Whiting Leathercraft telling us how she makes her products.
Reel from Dawn Clarke Designs introducing her window display

I even managed to make one myself using a technique that I wouldn’t have known about if Rhea hadn’t shown us.

We’ll be getting more guest experts along to the calls in the coming weeks. There’ll be talks on topics from PR to sustainability, retail and Facebook ads.

Want to join our member calls? Find out how to become a Make it British member here. (When you join you get access to all previous recordings so you can catch up on anything you missed – including Rhea’s talk on reels.)


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