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Member Masterclass: How to get your products noticed by the Christmas gift guides

With Jasmin Horner, Marketing Manager of PR expertise and membership platform PR Dispatch

PR Dispatch masterclass Christmas gift guides

About this masterclass

The Christmas gift guides are the number one place where people look for gift ideas and having your product featured in the gift guides can bring many benefits at a key time of the year.

However, to be in with a chance of being featured you have to have your product suggestions in the editors’ inboxes, and in this workshop, Jasmin will show you how you can get your products noticed.

In this masterclass, Jasmin will be covering:

  • What assets you need to pitch to the Christmas gift guide press
  • Publications and lead times
  • Finding your most press-worthy products to pitch and understanding what the Christmas press is looking for
  • Pitch emails that get you noticed
  • The benefits of Christmas press

Who is Jasmin Horner

Jasmin Horner is the Marketing Manager at PR Dispatch. She has years of experience managing PR on behalf of brands across fashion and lifestyle and knows a thing or two about what it takes to get noticed by UK publications.

She has worked with a number of clients across fashion and lifestyle categories, including Wolf & Moon, Luxtra, Freight HHG, Estella Bartlett, Lowie and Matthew Calvin.

About PR Dispatch

PR Dispatch was founded in 2017 to give product-based businesses everything they need to pitch their products to the UK press. They have won numerous awards including PR advisor of the year in 2019.

They’ve helped countless brands gain the confidence they need to perfect their PR and be featured by publications like Metro, Stylist and Evening Standard.

Want access to this masterclass?

When you join you will get access to recordings of all available masterclasses on the Make it British website.

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