The trade association for the UK Leather industry. We represent and promote the interests of those who produce, support, supply and use leather in the UK.

UKLF represents the UK leather industry on the national and international stage. We utilise our membership of the BATF, COTANCE, the European Tanners Association and collaboration with other trade associations, such as the UKFT and BFA, to broaden and add strength to our own representations in the UK and Europe. Ultimately, we help to influence the development of legislation affecting the industry.

UKLF provides an information and enquiry service on issues affecting the industry. Information is disseminated through regular updates by circular, newsletter and in response to individual member enquiries.
Issues covered include:
• environmental legislation
• import, export and general trade matters
• raw material issues concerning supply, quality and price trends
• health and safety
• economic, market, and employment statistics


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