We are a Cut, Make and Trim (CMT) textile manufacturing factory, which means we, cut, make and trim products made out for textiles on behalf of others, using the skills and machinery in our factory. If you require guidance and help with sourcing materials and pattern or fabric design, please do ask and we can assist.

Our factory uses our expertise and talented, skilled team to cut, sew and finish textile products using our customers own fabrics, labels and brand, on time, every time.

Samples are created to ensure you the client and the team in the sewing room know exactly what the end products will be.

Our aim is to work with you to ensure the best textile product is manufactured for you at the most efficient cost. 

Quality control. This is where some may refer to us as control freaks, however this works in our favour. All textile projects are quality checked at each stage of the manufacturing process as well as at the end. We confirm the product is perfect as it goes along its production journey in our sewing factory.

At Thimble we strive to support local business as much as we can, we employ local people, keep our carbon foot during production as low as possible and help out charities as we recycle material off cuts.

All our sewing machinists, material cutters and ‘finisheroffers’ (love that title) are fully trained here in the Thimble sewing workshop, before being signed off to work on any of our customer’s orders.

We aim for us to be as delighted with your product as you, your customers and product users will be.

All products are manufactured in the ‘Made by Thimble’ factory, based in the beautiful lush green landscape of glorious Somerset. We are an experienced team who achieve perfection for you, whilst producing you products.

A lot of the materials we work with are selected and brought in from our customers, all of which are British. If we source we attempt to do so within the UK.


Contact Name
Helen Bristol
Greenlands Farm, Wincanton, Charlton Musgrove, , BA9 8EZ