Orpian manufacture Type IIR Facemask in the UK. Our product is made in the UK by UK trained engineers in our factory in North West London. The masks are fully Certified and CE and UKCA approved. Our Masks have been designed for the wearers comfort and each box include 10 of our easi-fit ear comfort straps to ensure a good and comfortable fit for all head sizes
We strongly believe that manufacturing in the UK should be encouraged as the recent pandemic showed how much we have offshored. Orpian will be introducing a number of personal care products over the coming months as we look to expand our UK manufacturing to support British growth and resilience. 

Orpian® was born out of the desire to boost UK resilience in the wake of the Covid—19 Pandemic. After seeing the sub-standard quality of surgical masks being imported to supply our NHS and privately owned businesses, we felt that we could manufacture a higher-quality product, whilst ensuring we comply with UK and International standards.
We are proud to be a UK manufacturer, creating jobs and doing our bit to boost the economy.

Our name, Orpian®, is derived from the Old English word Orþian, meaning ‘To Breathe’.

The Old English letter þ is called Thorn, and was pronounced as a ‘Th’ sound.

Our MHRA registered Type IIR surgical masks are all manufactured at our site in Eastcote, NW London.


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Unit 4, Eastcote Industrial Estate, , Ruislip, HA4 9XG