Eco friendly pigment and dye sublimation printing. Specialists in stretch fabrics. 
Zero cracking pigment finishes, zero water used, minimal energy usage. Certified organic and OEKO-TEX fabrics all knitted in the UK.

Based in Essex we are a family run business who have spent the last few years battling with various printing companies across the world and still to this date have not been 100% happy with the final product or service we have received whether it be from extreme shortages, no attempt at scaling adjustments so elements would look squashed, poor details or just awful fabric quality with zero durability. Even worse, when you need help or have a query, nobody seemed to care. We are a small run outfit which have set up in order to try and help small shops and hobbyists get their prints back quicker without a huge expense even though we are capable of larger runs for higher turnover companies.

Our aim is to keep evolving and adapting to be as environmentally friendly as possible so a major factor for any decision we make is sustainability and what impact will we have on the environment during the start to finish process. This has seen us change the way we print in 2021. We now use child safe water based pigment inks instead of reactive dyes so there is now zero water used in the processing and the energy being used is a fraction of the amount that you use from the post process steaming and washing to fix the dyes, which can be 140,000 watts and 600+ litres of water an hour.

We pride ourselves on the detail we are able to achieve on jersey fabrics, the quality of the fabric, its actual content, the recovery of our cotton and branded lycra’s and also the way we print. The technique we have set up loses that strong surface feel that you would normally get with pigment printing on fast manufacturing runs.

All our knits are milled in the UK and all other wovens and materials are sourced through UK companies.

All the yarns come from Turkey and the Lycra from the UK.


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British Fabric Printing
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