Bridge & Stitch is committed to supplying British made eco-conscious clothing collections.

Bridge and Stitch specialises in the provision of a managed design and production service for busy professionals wanting to set up eco-conscious clothing lines made in the UK. 

As a safe pair of hands, Rachael Hobbs, founder of Bridge & Stitch uses UK suppliers and fabrics, where possible, for low impact, UK provenance clothing collections. 

Bridge & Stitch helps a diverse range of people, from busy sports professionals, to mumpreneurs with childrenswear, business founders extending product lines, fashionistas launching the next big fashion statement and innovators in sports, outdoor wear and reusable eco-products.

Our focus is on UK made clothing as we believe British design is a world leader, known for cutting edge creativity, budding talent and style. We believe that British manufacture denotes world class quality, innovation and craftsmanship. We are committed to reviving British apparel manufacture by empowering the sector with the services to nurture manufacturing business, talent, and skills.

Localised production is not a passing trend. Companies of all sizes are looking to reduce their costs and carbon footprint, as well as cater to the increasing demand from customers looking to invest in high quality products with a compelling provenance and story.

We empower the British apparel industry by providing services that are efficient, high quality, stress-free, saving you time and money. We provide a comprehensive range of personalised services that encompass all stages of the manufacturing process to connect British apparel, design and manufacture. Our strong relationships with our database of British suppliers and manufacturers means we can make sourcing and production easy and stress-free for our clients.


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