At Artisan Seams Atelier, we specialise in creating custom garments for our clients. We provide all of the relevant services to help you make your garments from start to finish. We help our clients at any stage, providing a quick and efficient service, as we develop all of the garment styles in-house in Somerset, as we feel its best when everything is developed under one place and it keeps the communication much more synchronized and organised.

We are a growing manufacturing unit. We produce high quality women, men and children clothes, from small to large orders.
We work with different types of fabrics such as wool, silk, jersey, cotton, fur, leather etc. 


START UP PACKAGE: This package is created for the new and existing customers who wish to create the whole collection in one go, we include 5-12 pcs (if more, please contact us directly). We will help you on each step of the way – from your ideas, sketches to the final pre-production samples.

FPP (FULL PACKAGE PRODUCTION) – this package is made for new start-ups or anyone with a design idea. We work from drawings/pictures or professional tech packs. We can help you to develop your idea from the beginning to a final production stage. FPP includes 1 size pattern, 1 x calico toile and 1 x final sample from the fabric you provide. 

CMT PACKAGE (Cut,Make,Trim) – this package is for someone who already have a design, patterns and specification details (tech packs); we will require to make a sample/toile to make sure the patterns are correct and everything is ready for production.

MTO (MADE TO ORDER) – For small and/or independent brands who do not want to keep excess stock of pre-manufactured garments but prefer to manufacture after they have received an order from their client. ( Based on standard sizes with max 2-3 alterations such as length, sleeve length + 1 extra measurement)

MTM (MADE TO MEASURE) – For designers who creates one-off unique styles based on existing patterns and need assistance with pattern alterations to specific needs – we offering fitting and toiling service with this package. Priced individually.

– pattern making
-pattern digitizing
-pattern grading
-tech packs
-design sessions and many many more !

All garments are made and produced in beautiful Somerset, UK by our experienced seamstresses.

We do not source or provide fabrics and trims, but we are more than happy to assist you finding the right suppliers.


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Artisan Seams Atelier
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