Celebrating over 180 years of British Heritage and Design, Moon is a UK manufacturer of quality woollen fabrics to leading high street fashion brands in the mid-range to high-end apparel, home textile and fashion accessories sectors. As one of Britain’s last vertical woollen mills, Moon offers the assurance of luxurious quality as well as a unique understanding of today’s fashion and the ever-changing needs of the clothing industry.

Established in 1837, based in Guiseley we are one of the UK’s last remaining vertical woollen mills. This means we complete every process of production in-house; in total charge of quality, controlling manufacturing lead times, and enabling us to keep prices fair with no out-sourcing necessary. The term ‘vertical’ is a throwback to the Victorian era when mills would rise several stories, with each floor containing separate parts of the manufacturing process. Today it remains a unique confirmation of our authenticity; we control every stage of production from natural wool to finished product including Dyeing, Blending, Carding, Spinning, Warping, Weaving, and Finishing.

The raw wool comes from New Zealand, South Africa and scoured at source, once sheared it’s washed once in the country of origin and this removes some natural impurities. We contract with the wool growers 18 months to 2 years in advance, early clipping helps reduce contamination in the wool. We also are specific about the wool colour, we operate to strict parameters to ensure the wool is white enough without being bleached, allowing us to offer a broad range of bright and exciting colours.


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