284 – Repair Is The New Cool with Thami Schweichler, United Repair Centre

Welcome to Episode no.284!

Circularity is the buzzword on everyone’s lips right now. It’s no wonder, when you hear that 350,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year. Something needs to be done to stop the mass-consumption that the UK in particularly seems to be pretty bad at!

The United Repair Centre, a collaboration between outdoor brand Patagonia, social enterprise Makers Unite, and the Amsterdam Economic Board, is a much needed resource for the clothing industry. And they’ve opened one up in London!

On this episode I chat with one of the United Repair Centre co-founders, Thami Schweichler.

We chat about how the URC repair process has combined technology with sewing skills to make repair and circularity available to all, and how any brand can get involved in offering a repair service to their customers.


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