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Made in Britain in the news this week 1st November 2011

Made in Britain from the web this week | John Lewis | Dunhill Factory |1st November 2011

John Lewis to support Made in the UK (Drapers)


Photo: Cheaney

The week before last I was invited to attend a showcase of British-made brands at John Lewis, intended to encourage their buyers to source from companies manufacturing in the UK. Amongst those showing were Johnstons of Elgin, Cheaney and Mimi Berry.

Following the event the store have announced their intention to label all of their products made in Britain with a ‘Made in the UK’ stamp. The ranges that they will be making on these shores include products across all areas, both branded and own-label, and involves 130 different manufacturers.

Inside the Dunhill Factory (Manufacture & Industry)

Manufacture and Industry have some great photos of the Dunhill factory in Walthamstow on their site that are worth taking a look at.


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