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Made in Britain :Britishness in the news this week Jul31

London Underground | House of Hackney (New York Times Blog)

“…Resolutely British, all of House of Hackney’s products, with the exception of the Italian bed linens, are made in Britain and are sold in Liberty’s…”

House of Hackney

House of Hacney | Photo by David Dunan

Behind the scenes at the workshop – Cherchbi Herdwyck AW11 production  (Cherchbi Blog)

“…The pace, consideration and skill with which this work is conducted is in beautiful contrast to the years I worked with Chinese factories. Virtually every aspect of their operation – scale, noise, density, speed, mechanisation, computerisation and volume of output – is in opposition to the CHERCHBI workshop…”

Cherchbi – wearing the British Isles on your head (The Tweed Pig)

“A belief in using wool from the rare-breed Herdwick sheep led to the formation of Cherchbi, a company dedicated to seeking out and using British materials to produce leathergoods and accessories…”

Clothes that are proud to be British (Telegraph)

“…Tired of two decades spent producing clothes in factories on foreign shores, a new wave of companies that design and manufacture in Britain, using British fabrics, has emerged…”


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