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Shoemakers Goral take us behind the scenes: 200 Steps, 40 Craftsmen, 1 Sneaker

Shoemakers Goral offer a peek behind the scenes of their factory in this video showing you the craftsmanship, materials and techniques that go into the making of their sneakers.

Goral, shoemaker, behind the scenes


Ever wondered how your shoes are put together? Shoemakers Goral do it using longstanding British craftsmanship, infused with contemporary, modern touches. Each shoe is designed in house and is handcrafted in their factory, situated in Sheffield.

The Goral factory is a family run business with a rich history of shoe-making – their first factory opened in 1936. Today it’s run by the third generation.

We can proudly say that we’ve got control over our shoes from start to finish. Each pair is finished by hand in a labour-intensive process that takes more than 200 steps. We only work with the finest quality materials, which are handpicked from artisan tanneries and producers around the world.  – Goral

The factory video gives you an insight into the time honoured techniques they use to create high-quality traditional British footwear. Follow the step by step process from the clicking room where the leather is cut and trimmed, to the lasting room where the sneakers are pieced together and pulled into shape.


You can find out more about Goral here.

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