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Member News: Rudels collaborates with UK textile mill A.W. Hainsworth

A.W. Hainsworth, one of the world’s leading specialist textile companies, has announced a collaboration with slipper brand Rudels Ltd. Hainsworth felts and cloths have been chosen by Rudels for its range of luxury slippers.

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Rudel’s Luxury Slippers


Rudels, part of The British Wool Association, Campaign for Wool, and associate member of the British Footwear Association and members of Make it British, was launched in 2016 by founder Bradley Rudelhoff.

Bradley identified a gap in the market for luxury slippers for both men and women, combining his knowledge of made to measure and his ready to wear experience. They have chosen to collaborate with AW Hainsworth a seventh-generation family owned business that has been a market leader for over 230 years.

Hainsworth’s ‘True Heritage’ fabrics are very traditional and firmly fixed in the history of Hainsworth. Made from wool, the True Heritage range consists of fabrics selected from worsted, over-coating and authentic uniform materials. Rudels are shortly launching two new styles with three different coloured felts from the Heritage range. The result is a range of beautiful, top quality slippers, made exclusively in the UK using Hainsworth True Heritage.

Bradley Rudelhoff, owner of Rudels Ltd., commented: “Working with the very best British suppliers is crucially important to us, and there are no better materials than Hainsworth. We’re looking forward to cementing a long term partnership between Rudels and A.W Hainsworth.”

Julie Greenough, Marketing Manager at A.W Hainsworth, added: “Rudel’s is a wonderful brand that really takes pride in the quality and style of its footwear, which is why we’re delighted to be involved in this collaboration.”

“The Rudels offering is second to none; providing its customers with luxury, superb quality, perfect fitting slippers that will last for years to come.”

You can find out more about Rudels in our member directory here


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