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In the Press: Getting on my Soapbox

Make it British was in two articles in the press this week – fighting the cause for UK manufacturing

Getting on my Soapbox

The Telegraph Soapbox piece

The first article was a soapbox piece for The Telegraph entitled ‘The government must clamp down on firms that claim to manufacture in the UK but do not‘. In it I was asked to state my case for why I believe that it is wrong for companies to deceive consumers into thinking that a product is British-madewhen it is in fact made overseas. If you read this blog regularly then you probably know the sort of brands that I am talking about – they often have a tagline such as ‘Fabulously British’ or ‘Great British Style’ when their product’s provenance is nothing of the sort. It’s what I call ‘Fake it British‘. You can read the full article and what I have to say about it here.

How "Made in Britain" is driving business success

Vodafone’s Your Better Business

The second was a piece that I was asked to write for the Vodafone Your Better Business website, with the much more positive title of ‘How “Made in Britain” is driving business sucess’. In it I give examples of how an increased demand for British-made products has helped firms drive sales to the point where we now manufacture more in this country than we actually did thirty years ago. And if you don;t believe that’s true, then you’re not alone. Three quarters of respondents in a recent YouGov poll also thought that manufacturing was on  a downward spiral too. How wrong they all are!

Kate Hills UK Manufacturers
Hello, I'm Kate Hills

I’ve been passionate about UK manufacturing ever since I had my own recycled clothing company and micro-factory in the early '90s! After 20 years as a designer and buyer developing products all over the world, I launched Make it British to support creative small businesses that want to make sustainably and locally.

Over the last ten years, I've helped 1,000s of businesses to work with UK manufacturers. Now it's your turn!

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