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Make it British Weekly News Round-up: 15 July 2018

UK manufacturing and British-made brands in the news this week: David Nieper to open printing plant; Country of origin labelling to become law on pottery; Community Clothing sells in Top Shop; Government releases Brexit white paper

Fashion manufacturer David Nieper to open UK fabric printing plant (The Express)

Christopher Nieper, the MD of clothing manufacturer David Nieper, has always said that one of the strengths of manufacturing in the UK is being able to apply ‘just in time’ manufacturing. Their in-house sewing and knitwear factory allows them to react quickly to customer demands, and the announcement this week that they will now be adding fabric printing into the mix will make them one of the most flexible clothing manufacturers in the UK.

“Luxury women’s fashion brand David Nieper, which designs and manufactures all its ranges in its own factory in Derbyshire, is rolling out the UK’s first digital printing plant for jersey fabric. 

The move is the latest in its mission to help revive Britain’s shrunken textile industry. 

A £3million investment by the family-owned company will extend its in-house production by opening a high-tech hub later this year, a  development also capable of handling new collaborations with other designers and producers.”

Christopher Nieper, second generation MD of the firm (Image: Express)

Should all pottery carry ‘country of origin’ backstamps? (Stoke on Trent Live)

Should all ceramic products sold in the UK have a ‘country of origin’ label? That’s certainly what Stoke-on-Trent North MP Ruth Smeeth thinks, and we would agree. Ms Smeeth is  hoping to introduce a bill in Parliament in a bid to protect British tableware manufacturers.

“Ms Smeeth said: “As we prepare to leave the EU, it’s vital that our national legislation works in a way that supports British industry.

“Our ceramics industry is the best in the world. In tableware, as in football, ‘Made in England’ is the mark of quality and that gives us real opportunities to succeed in the post-Brexit world.

“But all too often, misleading labelling can have a negative impact on our industry.”

Emma Bridgewater hand made in stoke on trent

A clear backstamp defining country of origin on pottery may be set to become law in order to protect Stoke-on-Trent’s pottery industry

How This Young Fashion Startup Is Transforming British Manufacturing (Forbes)

A great article in Forbes about Patrick Grant’s clothing brand Community Clothing.

“Community Clothing is trying to save British manufacturing, cut down on waste, and bring customers high-quality classics – all in one simple strategic move. And now, customers can buy their wares at Topshop.

Less than two years old, the social enterprise is trying to sidestep one of the problems intrinsic to the British garment industry — seasonality. The brand uses factory downtime to create their own line of wardrobe staples, and in doing so is also creating jobs. This summer, they have teamed up with Topshop to spread their message to a wider audience.”

Community Clothing is reviving British manufacturing by focusing on quality, long-lasting products made in the UK. (Image: Forbes/Community Clothing)

Workers ‘beginning to leave in numbers’ – Lord Ashdown urges government to back Yeovil helicopter jobs (Somerset Live)

After warnings from both BAE and Jaguar Land Rover recently about the effect that Brexit may have on their ability to continue manufacturing in the UK, more concerns have been raised regarding helicopter manufacturing in the UK.

“In a passionate speech to the House of Lords, Paddy Ashdown has urged the government to back helicopter manufacturing in the UK – or risk Yeovil’s biggest employer “degenerating” into a maintenance facility.

The former Yeovil MP suggested designers and engineers were “beginning to leave in numbers” and said investment in Yeovil was being delayed. He said the government should make protecting the UK’s ability to build its own helicopters part of its industrial strategy.

Leonardo’s UK boss confirmed Lord Ashdown’s assessment and called for a “positive outcome” from government talks within 12 months to guarantee future investment.”

Former Royal Marine Lord Ashdown warned Yeovil’s helicopter factory could ‘degenerate’ into a maintenance facility (Image: Somerset Live/Daily Mirror)

How does Govt’s Brexit white paper affect manufacturing? (The Manufacturer)

The Government issued it’s long awaited Brexit white paper last week. Does it offer manufacturers what they were hoping for? The Manufacturer magazine issued this review, no doubt a lot more to follow on this…

“In theory, the rulebook would allow British manufacturers to continue to trade with few restrictions, but it is whether this can be implemented and who will actually oversee its regulation remaining the key question.”


The Government’s Brexit white paper was released this week

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