fbpx Made in Britain in the news this week: 26 July 2015

Made in Britain in the news this week: 26 July 2015

UK manufacturing in the news this week: Original BTC | British ceramics | EEF Manufacturing Photography Competition | Scottish Textiles and more…

Heroes on the Homefront… the father and son reviving British homeware companies


The Telegraph talks to the people behind homeware brand Original BTC.

When the Stoke-on-Trent factory that supplied Original BTC’s hand-cast china lampshades announced in 2008 that it was closing down, Bowles – faced with the prospect of having to take production of its iconic lamps abroad, and saddened by the prospect of centuries-old expertise being lost forever – simply bought the company. The financial crisis was just taking hold, but it was a move that paid off: he restructured the company to improve productivity, but managed to retain all of the employees and their invaluable skills.

Curated from Heroes on the Homefront… the father and son reviving British homeware companies – Telegraph

For the love of crocks… the British ceramics revival


Carrying on with the British ceramics theme in the Telegraph, they look at a revival in the Stoke pottery industry.

Whatever it was that put ceramics back on the national radar – and it could have been the Downton effect (the Crawleys’ impeccable period tableware is, to some, the real star of the drama series…), the sea of ceramic poppies that popped up around the Tower of London last year, or Mary Berry’s way with a cakestand – this hitherto overlooked strand of the made-in-Britain crafts movement has been well and truly revived.

Curated from For the love of crocks… the British ceramics revival – Telegraph

EEF Photography competitionEEF Manufacturing Photography Competition

EEF – The Manufacturers’ Organisation

The EEF launches its yearly photography competition which is open to both amateur and professional photographers. Manufacturing companies located throughout Britain are allowing access to competition entrants to take images at their facilities.

Ingenious, productive and beautiful are just three words that can be used to describe manufacturing. But as we all know a picture can say a thousand words so we challenge you to capture British manufacturing through your images!

Curated from EEF Manufacturing Photography Competition – EEF.org.uk

Circularity is key to future textile industry

The Scotsman

News from The Scotsman about the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival.

There’s a growing movement to move away from the traditional make-use-dispose Scotland’s textiles industry has a reputation for quality and the export of luxury goods has been growing strongly since 2011. Although increased production could mean greater environmental impacts, Scotland is already at the forefront of developments to reduce these. This is evident from the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival’s decision to focus on sustainability this year. The festival is partnering with Zero Waste Scotland, supported by the Scottish Government, which works with the textiles and retail sector on circular approaches. The festival is Scotland’s opportunity to profile these developments in tandem with the quality, expertise and heritage of the Scottish industry. For example, products made from durable textiles like Harris Tweed are the antithesis of “fast fashion”.

Zero Waste Scotland works with manufacturers, designers and retailers in Scotland to show how its innovative products could encourage a more circular approach across the board.

Interview with milliner Yvette Jelfs

Textiles Scotland

The Scottish theme continues, with an interview with Yvette Jelfs on the Textiles Scotland website.

Yvette started her millinery career as an apprentice in Luton, the hat making capital of England before moving her production operations to the Scottish Borders, the heart of Scottish textiles. Yvette Jelfs designs and creates bespoke and couture hats for private clients and also manufactures and produces hats for exclusive boutiques and wholesalers.  She is proud that her work represents the heritage of the local Scottish artisan producers.


Interview with tailor Timothy Everest


Drapers reports on the new shop in East London that will hold the new ready-to-wear, made in London collection of Timothy Everest.

Twenty-five years since the launch of his eponymous brand, Timothy Everest is ready to bring his new ready-to-wear collection to the streets of east London….These unique garments will be manufactured by a factory in north London, the name of which Everest is unwilling to disclose.

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