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Lavenham Happy Bags Campaign

Help support the Lavenham Happy Bags campaign in aid of children in Japan

Lavenham Happy Bags

Lavenham Happy Bags

Last week I featured the Shut Tup bag campaign, launched by the Trashonista to save a British clothing factory. This week I bring you news of another worthy cause involving a bag – this time from the outerwear company Lavenham, who have launched a campaign to collect English Childrens Books to send to the children in Japan who experienced the Earthquake and Tsunami that happened last year.

Lavenham have produced 1000 book bags, constructed from the same distinctive quilt as their famous jackets,  and named them ‘Happy Bags’ . The bags will be sent filled with the collected books and given to those children in Japan that are still suffering from the effects of last year’s disaster. They need to collect 1000 books in good condition by the end of April 2012, and need your help to do so. Unfortunately you don’t get one of the great little quilted bags for yourself, but you do get to know that you supported a very worthwhile cause.

So dust off those Enid Blyton’s and send them to Lavenham, for the attention of:

Marketing Department
Lavenham Leisure
24 – 25 Churchfield Road
CO10 2YA

 For more information see the Lavenham website


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