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Fashion Roundtable’s call to arms: ‘Don’t make fashion history’

The UK fashion industry is facing a number of critical issues, which without urgent attention will jeopardise the immediate and long term future of the sector. Following an industry-wide roundtable meeting, Fashion Roundtable have a plan of action to lobby the government with their ‘Don’t make fashion history’ campaign, and they need your help.

Don't make fashion history

The #dontmakefashionhistory campaign has been created by Fashion Roundtable – an organisation that collaborates with Government and Parliament to develop policy ideas and strategies for the fashion industry. They support the diverse voices of the fashion industry, and provides a much needed link between fashion, business, consumers and policy leader

In response to fears for the future of the fashion industry over the Brexit trade deal, Fashion Roundtable are implementing the actions set out below. We urge this incredible and creative industry to lend support in a show of solidarity and to offer a united voice to the Government. Please take the time to write to your MP using Fashion Roundtable’s letter template and support the #dontmakefashionhistory campaign.

Don’t make fashion history:

STEP 1. Unite the fashion industry to discuss key issues, impacts and unforeseen consequences of Brexit.

STEP 2. Read the Open Letter with over 450 fashion industry signatories delivered to the Government with a call to action to meet us and work together to create solutions to save our industry.

STEP 3. Send a letter to your local MP, using Fashion Roundtable’s letter template. It will take the same amount of time to send as boiling a kettle.

STEP 4. Share social media campaign graphic and #dontmakefashionhistory to raise awareness and keep the pressure on for our call to action. Tag your local MP.

STEP 5. Meeting with the Government.

STEP 6. Government commits to policies that work for the fashion industry.

The industry needs as many people as possible to get behind this strategy to let the UK government know that this is an issue before it’s too late. 

Please take a moment to write to your local MP – your voice matters, and they have to act on anything you send to them!

Support the campaign #dontmakefashionhistory


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  1. Marcia McGrail on February 4, 2021 at 9:07 pm

    I’m not sure I can commit to petitioning for an industry that produces some of the highest waste and non-recyclable issues the UK/world faces. If the ‘fashion’/clothing industry would produce targets for non-synthetics/eco-friendly fabrics & associated consumables; reusables; recyclables etc etc etc, then perhaps….

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