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My sad decision to close the Make it British Community group on Facebook

As of 7th January 2019 our free Facebook group will be closing. Here’s why…

A couple of years ago I launched a free group on Facebook, aimed at building a discussion forum for people that wanted to buy British and manufacture in the UK.

Unfortunately, to a very few minority of people, the idea of supporting British-made means something entirely different to what it does to me, and those of you that read this blog. So from time to time I’ve had to put up with some nasty, hatred fueled posts from racist and bigoted individuals, who feel it appropriate to spam a well-meaning Facebook group with some really unpleasant stuff.

Obviously I try and stop these people from getting into the group when they send a request to join. But from time to time they sneak in by creating false profiles.

When I spot any inappropriate posts I delete them and ban the users immediately, but I can’t always be in the group every minute of the day (and thank you to those members of the group that have also flagged inappropriate posts to me when you’ve spotted them).

However, just before Christmas 2018, when I was running around getting ready for family visiting, there were unfortunately a couple of nasty posts that were there for several hours before I was able to remove them.

The whole situation was quite upsetting, and has caused to me to have a serious think about what to do with the free Facebook group.

To be honest with you, managing the group has proved more trouble than it’s worth. Not only do I have to constantly police the group for the type of posts mentioned above, I also have to delete spammy posts from people just trying to use the free group to advertise their business, without any thought for how their posts might look or be perceived by other members of the group.

You may think why not just leave these promotional posts in the group as they may eventually be useful to someone? But the problem is, the way Facebook works, if your group is full of posts that no one is liking or commenting on, it perceives the whole group to be of little value to its members, and stops showing any group posts in your feed.

If you are a member of the Make it British Community on Facebook, this is why you may not have been seeing any of the group posts in your notifications.

So with a Facebook group of nearly two thousand five hundred people in it, barely 2% are seeing any of the posts. Which doesn’t justify anyone, either myself, or another person who might be admining the group for me, spending time on it. There are far better ways to reach and support those of you that manufacture in the UK, some of which are outlined below.

So it is with much sadness, but also some relief, that I have decided to archive the Make it British Community on Facebook as of 7th January 2019.

The Make it British fan page on Facebook will still continue, as will other pop-up Facebook groups that will support specific groups of people.

Here are some details of other ways that you can get support and join our community:

Join the Make it British Community on Linkedin

I’m figuring that Linkedin will be a much better platform on which to support businesses that manufacture in the UK, than Facebook will be going forward.
So I will be reviving the Make it British Linkedin group in the new year
Join the Make it British Linkedin Group here

If you want to manufacture in the UK but don’t know where to start

Join our Get Set for Manufacturing Challenge. Be factory-ready in just 5 days, with our email challenge that will help you prepare to manufacture in the UK.
There will be a special pop-up Facebook group for the challenge where you’ll be able to network with others that are on the same journey as you.
Register for the FREE Get Set for Manufacturing Challenge here

If you want to find UK manufacturers

Attend our trade show. There will be lots of garment, fabric, leathergoods, homeware and accessory manufacturers at our Make it British Live! event.  The next show is on 29 & 30 May 2019 in London. Its free to attend.
Register for free to attend the trade show here.

Get a copy of our UK supplier list. If you want to find manufacturers sooner then you can get a copy of our UK Manufacturers Guide, complete with other resources to help you make in the UK.
Grab a copy of the manufacturers list here.

If you want to connect with others that manufacture in the UK

Become a member of Make it British. We are a network of businesses that manufacture in the UK and our aim is to help bring the industry closer together, offering support and advice for those making in the UK. Now that I’m closing this group I will be concentrating my efforts towards the members Facebook group.
You can find out about joining Make it British here.

If you want to advertise your business as made in the UK

Become a member of Make it British and get listed in the Make it British Directory. With over 125,000 visitors to the site every month, the amount of people that will see your business in our directory is far greater than the few people that will see anything you post to a free Facebook group. Plus being in the Make it British directory gives you far more credibility!
Advertise your business by joining Make it British here.

Want to find clients? Either for your factory or to wholesale your products to

Exhibit at our trade show. Stands at the show start at just a few hundred pounds. Meeting face to face is a great way of demonstrating what your business does.
Find out about exhibiting here.




  1. Pamela on December 28, 2018 at 11:13 am

    So sad. People have too much time sadly and not enough to occupy it
    I pulled back last year because of d mails n comments but I’m coming back nxt year a lot stronger
    I hope things work out for you and keep going strong

  2. Derek Brown on December 28, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    I would split your manufacturing into catagories. Most of the members and products are irrelevant to my business. (Machinery manufacture) It looks like you are mainly involved with the rag trade. This could be completely wrong but I have no way of knowing.

    Best regards Derek Brown MD Database Design UK Ltd

  3. Susan on December 28, 2018 at 1:21 pm

    Thank you for the information. I must admit that I I had seen one or two things and had been considering unsubscribing as I have many friends who are foriegn and didn’t want to be associated with the racist comments. My reason for subscribing was my fear that Brexit could damage British companies so wanted to try and be loyal to them.
    Thank you for trying though

  4. Leander wqlker on December 28, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    Thank you for continuing to promote british made products,which are among best in the world. I am upset with companies that trade on a British heritage like Dunhill,Clark’s shoes,Charles tyrwhitt,burberry,Hackett,and others,but actually manufacture little or nothing in England. Keep up the good work

  5. Andrew Oldale on January 2, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    So sad all the best to you and thanks for all your time and effort

  6. Will Hastings on January 3, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    A sad development but your followers know you’ll do what’s right.

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