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The Cambridge Raincoat Company

A perfect solution for cycling in our lovely British weather

The Cambridge Raincoat Company

Cambridge Raincoat in Tomato Red

As I write this in Mid-July, Britain is officially having the worst summer on record. So far this month it has rained Every. Single. Day. And if you are a lady who uses a bike to get around then it is a wardrobe nightmare. Forget cute summer dresses and sandals as you hop on your bike – this weather calls for some serious waterproofing. That is unless you want to arrive where you’re going looking like you’ve just jumped into a swimming pool with all your clothes on.

Cue the Cambridge Raincoat Company, who I originally discovered last year when I ran a feature on British made cycling regalia. Their raincoats are made from Cordura, a lightweight, breathable cloth that is also highly waterproof, and come in a fantastic range of colours. And best of all, they’re made in England.

Cambridge Raincoat in Vibrant Green

Cambridge Raincoat in Vibrant Green

The Cambridge Raincoat Company was founded by Sally Guyer, a cycling commuter who was frustrated by the lack of stylish cycling gear for women. With no prior knowledge of garment manufacture she set about designing the perfect raincoat for women cyclists – one that could be worn on your bike without being embarrassing when you get to your destination. And because Sally cycles so much herself, she knew what features were required – adjustable button cuffs to keep your arms warm in cold weather, inside pockets for keeping your mobile phone in, a belt with a reflective strip on one side only so that it can be reversed when you’re not cycling. My favourite feature is the tab at the front hem of the coat that fastens it together so the it doesn’t blow open and get your knees wet – no  more having to hold your hems together with a bulldog clip – or is it just me that does that?!

The ladies raincoats come in a great selection of colours – including poppy red, sunshine yellow and grass green – with contrast spotty linings. And there is a man’s version in the pipeline too. Available exclusively from the Cambridge Raincoat website, the coats retail for £250.



  1. Dennie Wilson on November 4, 2017 at 11:03 am

    Cannot contact this website or email address for cambridge Raincoats at all

  2. Rm Sf on August 11, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    What do you put on your head? You can’t hold an umbrella while cycling…

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