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Holland Cooper: A quintessentially British brand

Holland CooperHere at Make it British we like to celebrate British brands, and Holland Cooper, by their own admission, are quintessentially British.

Founded by Jade Holland Cooper in 2007, the brand describes itself as ‘a glamorous mix of city influences and British eccentricity’, which translates as fine Scottish tweed tailored into sharp jackets, cute mini skirts and short shorts. There are even tweed dog coats to match. If Paris Hilton was part of the polo set, then this is exactly the label that she would wear.

Whilst the clothes may be sexy and fun, the heritage of British industry is threaded through everything that Holland Cooper do. Their entire tweed collection is manufactured in the UK using both Cheviot tweed, from sheep that graze on the Cheviot Hills in the South of Scotland, and Shetland tweed, made from the wool of the Shetland Sheep.
Well worth reading the article on their site detailing the provenance of their garments, and there is a menswear collection too in case the chaps were feeling left out.

Holland Cooper is available direct from their website and they currently have a summer sale with 50% off.

Holland Cooper tweed suit

Holland Cooper tweed suit

Holland Cooper Tweed Suit in Gingerbread

Holland Cooper Tweed Suit in Gingerbread



  1. Jade Holland Cooper on July 27, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    Thanks so much for this fabulous piece… love it!x

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