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In-depth Manufacturer Search with Kate Hills

Here's the 4 Step Process...

Kate Hills Make it British

60 Minute Phone or Video Call

On this call, which we can do via telephone or Zoom video call (whichever you prefer), I get detailed information from you about your project.
We discuss your project in detail, starting with where you are on your manufacturing journey. We will go over who your target audience is, the type of products that you are looking to make and how you plan to sell these products.

Email Follow-Up

Within 48 hours of the call I will send you an email covering what we discussed.
At this point if there is any further information that you want to add in order to help me find you the right manufacturer then you can do so.


I will then go away and find the type of manufacturers that you need and put together a list, including what their specialisms are and their contact details.

30 Minute Follow-Up Call

Once you've received my findings we schedule a phone or video call to discuss any further questions that you have before you start to approach the manufacturers that I have selected for you.

Price: £499+vat

(Or 2 x Instalments of £249.50+vat)

What happens next?

After completing payment I will send you a link to set up the call at a time that works for both of us. If you change your mind before the call takes place you can request a full refund.

Client Testimonials

Bettina Sachsen Weimar

BVS Design

"I can't thank you enough for the contacts you gave me. Two bespoke commissions and a mock up will be ready next week."

Alison Spence

Original Sister

I have started talking with some of the contacts you suggested.  I can't tell you how helpful the discussions have been.  I will be forever grateful to you!

Verlyn Dublin

Footwear Designer

I just want to say a SUPER HUGE MASSIVE THANK YOU for your help!! I cannot even begin to tell you how much it helps by you sifting out the tedious start of this searching for factories/contacts.