fbpx Understanding sustainable fabrics with Charlie Ross, Offset Warehouse

Understanding sustainable fabrics with Charlie Ross of Offset Warehouse

What makes a fabric ethical? What does zero waste mean? What are the benefits of sourcing sustainable materials?  Ethical textiles expert, Charlie Ross, talks us through the world of sustainable fabrics.

With a Masters in menswear from the Royal College of Art, Charlie Ross was an experienced fashion designer determined to work only with ethically sourced raw materials and production. But, incorporating sustainable textiles and eco-friendly dyes into her collections proved to be a real challenge.

Taking matters into her own hands, she is now the founder and director of Offset Warehouse, a company which supplies eco fabrics and haberdashery, fulfilling both small and wholesale orders.

In this interview, Charlie outlines:

> The difference between sustainable and ethical fabrics.

> Alternatives to cotton and other ethical fabric choices.

> The benefits of zero waste to your bottom-line.

> How to find out more about manufacturing ethical textiles products.

This interview was recorded as part of The Make it British Show, a weekly Facebook live session broadcast every Thursday at 1pm on our Make it British Facebook page. 

Find out more about Offset Warehouse here.

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