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How to make a British-made heritage brand relevant for today’s market

Brand Consultant, Andrea Freeman, joins us to discuss her work with heritage brands to keep them relevant for todays customer, and share how she is building one of her own – The Beehive Brand.

The Beehive Brand is a heritage knitwear brand which has been modernised for today’s market by brand consultant Andrea Freeman.  Andrea has an impressive history of working with brands to navigate the changing marketplace and ensure they remain relevant. Most notably for Barbour before taking on her own heritage business.

The Beehive Brand has a fascinating history. Once a wool brand which was marketed by the sale of knitting patterns (remember those?) It was manufactured by a 100% vertical business, from a state of the art factory which was the first of its kind in the world. Andrea talks to us about the brand’s history, her own experience, and how she has used this to build her own British-made heritage knitwear business.

Watch the interview to hear Andrea share her expertise and discuss:

    • The importance of customer profiling to your brand
    • How to position your brand
    • Why you need to get your costing and price points correct
    • How to establish a strong core based on your brands values and key pieces
    • How to embrace your British-made provenance in an authentic way
    • How you can utilise events to spread the word about your brand


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