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Get Set for Manufacturing

Are you launching a product but don't know where to start?

Having trouble getting manufacturers to answer your emails and take you seriously?

Do you have trouble speaking to manufacturers because you don’t know what to say to them?

Are you confused about how to get your ideas to a stage where you are ready to approach a manufacturer?

Do you want to launch a fashion brand made in the UK but don’t know where to start?

UK manufacturers are all pretty busy these days, and a poorly planned approach can lead to wasted time, and/or expensive mistakes.

So I've put together a foolproof system to help you get your product development successfully off the ground.

I'm calling it my Get Set for Manufacturing Challenge - and it will help you be factory ready in just 5 days!

Over the course of five days I'll show you:

  • What you need to research before you approach a manufacturer
  • The five simple steps you can take to be fully prepared
  • How to get a UK manufacturer to respond to your emails
  • Things that can go wrong and how to avoid them

The Get Set for Manufacturing Challenge runs from Monday 7th January to Friday 11th January 2019.

Join my Get Set for Manufacturing Email Challenge and Get Factory-ready in 5 Days!