Get Set for Manufacturing

How to Find your Perfect UK Manufacturer - without getting frustrated, losing motivation or resorting to overseas factories! 

Get Set for Manufacturing

Are you struggling to find UK manufacturers and beginning to think there aren't any out there? 

Maybe you're searching online but getting nowhere, particularly if you're not really sure where to begin because you have no experience in the industry.

Are you beginning to think that finding a manufacturer that can make small quantities is impossible?

Or you're confused by all the different types of manufacturers you've found on the internet. 

And even when you do contact a manufacturer you're not getting a response or you're having trouble getting them to take you seriously.

Manufacturers don't always make it easy!

The problem is, UK manufacturers in particular are all pretty busy these days, and many of them don't even advertise.  

Trying to find them can be tough. Getting a favourable response can be even tougher.

You find yourself confused by all of the different types of manufacturers and the processes involved and even when you find a manufacturer you're not sure they're right one for you.  

And finding anyone willing to make small quantities, or offer advice, seems impossible.  

You may even have started to lose motivation - despairing of ever getting your project off the ground!

You can spend hours looking for manufacturers and get nowhere

So many people give up because they can't find the perfect UK manufacturer. They try everything but no one gets back to them and they begin to give up hope.

They end up getting disillusioned and taking their production overseas, because someone misadvised them. 

Too many businesses use factories overseas because they think it will be cheaper, only to bring the production back to the UK because it didn't work out.

Late deliveries, poor quality products, or whole shipments of garments that are made incorrectly.


With the current economic climate more and more businesses are looking to source locally - and factories are filling up fast

I’ve seen people, with fantastic ideas for products, waste £1000s on trying to get them produced because they didn’t know how to navigate the manufacturing process successfully - or even find the right factory to work with..  

Working with the wrong manufacturer can lead to expensive mistakes, and time and budget wasted.

As can not communicating clearly with a manufacturer right from the start.


I've helped hundreds of people find and successfully work with UK Manufacturers - across all sorts of product areas

Get Set for Manufacturing

I've spent my career in the fashion and textiles industry, the last ten years of which I’ve spent researching and supporting UK manufacturing.  

I had my own clothing label and even set up my own factory to produce the goods. Everything, from start to finish, was manufactured solely in the UK.  

In my corporate career, as a buyer for Marks & Spencer and Debenhams, I spent years in Far Eastern factories, often sorting out the problems that arose from taking the production overseas.  

Having experience of both overseas and UK production, I know the challenges you’ll face when getting your product manufactured. But, I also know those challenges are easier to overcome when working with a UK manufacturer.  

Over the last ten years I've worked with hundreds of UK factories. I know how the supply chain works in the UK, and the way to get the best from it. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.  

When done well - manufacturing in the UK can be a company's best asset. I can help you find the right manufacturer for you and help you to work successfully with them to get the product you want for your business. 


Get Set for Manufacturing

Get Set for Manufacturing is an online course that will help you successfully find and work with a UK manufacturer.

This easy-to-follow video course is designed to help guide you through the whole process of finding and working with a UK manufacturer step by step and quickly and easily.  

From your initial idea, right through to getting your first products made.  

This course will help you to...  

  • Get your ideas down on paper and into a format that manufacturers will understand
  • Know where to look to find the right manufacturers for your products
  • Calculate the cost price you need to make your product profitable
  • Get a response from a manufacturer every time you contact them
  • Avoid wasting hours looking for manufacturers in Google  

Kate Hills Get Set for Manufacturing

PLUS… An exclusive support forum. Ask me your questions and pick my brains on UK manufacturing through our special online forum. Meet others taking the course, network and support each other. PLUS...Weekly group calls to discuss your business and getting your product made

Here's what we'll be covering on the course...

Module 1. Perfect Preparation (Released Jan 28)

If you want to get a good response from a manufaturer it's all in the preparation. 

In module 1 we'll go into detail about what you need to define before you start your search, what the various fashion terminologies mean, and how to get your ideas down on paper.

You'll also learn about how to plan a range so that you don't waste tons of money on sampling and production.  

Module 2. Finding Factories (Released Feb 11)

Finding a UK maufacturer that is perfect for your business is easy if you know where to look.  

In module 2 you'll learn not only where to find manufacturers but also who to trust and why.

I'll also show you the best way of finding the manufacturers that can make small quantities and ways to ensure success. 

Module 3. Cracking Communication (Released Feb 25)

Knowing what you want and communcating it clearly to a manufacturer is half the battle won. 

In module 3 we'll go into the nitty gritty of how to speak to a manufacturer in a language that they'll understand. I'll show you the different questions to ask, the documents to use and the common mistakes to avoid.

We'll also work on the different types of manufacturers and which one is right for your business.

Module 4. Factory Face-to-Face (Released Mar 12)

Visiting a manufacturer won't be daunting once you're armed with everything you need to know before you make that first visit to a factory.

You'll learn what to look for when visiting a factory and the right questions to ask when meeting a manufacturer for the first time.

We'll also cover NDAs, critical paths, and how to know if a factory is ethical.



You'll have access to cheat sheets, swipe files and templates including tech packs, sample emails and lots of other handy resouces and tools to make your journey to getting your product manufactured easier.


Every step of the course comes with a handy checklist to print out and complete, so you'll know that you've covered everything.


Turn an idea in your head into something that you can actually get made by using the handy workbooks and templates that come FREE with the course.  


Know exactly how much you need your cost price to be using our handy cost price calculator. Find your ideal retail price whether you're selling direct to the public or wholesaling your product. 


A problem shared is a problem halved - and you won't need to go this alone. Inside the community you'll be able to seek advice, request feedback and share your challenges and successes to help keep you motivated every step of the way.


Once you sign up for the course you'll have ongoing access to the videos so that you can cover each stage when you are ready.


Get Set for Manufacturing would normally be £499 Pre-launch price £299 

The special pre-launch price of £299 includes:

  • 4 Modules containing videos that walk you through step by step (value £2,394)
  • Live video calls to ask questions & get support about your product idea (value £3,192)
  • Workbooks for you to document everything as you go (value £99)
  • Templates & Tools including tech pack templates, glossary and checklist (value £396)
  • Exclusive Access to an online forum for those in the programme (priceless!)

£299 is a special introductory rate for Get Set for Manufaturing and won't be repeated in the future.

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FAST-ACTION BONUS: Free UK Manufacturer & Suppliers list (worth £99)

Pre-order the course within the first 72 hours and receive a copy of our latest UK manufacturer and supplier list in your inbox immeadiately.

The Make it British UK Supplier Guide contains the contact details of hundreds of UK manufacturers and suppliers. All have been hand-picked and vetted by me.  

As you make your way through the course and narrow down your search to target the manufacturer that’s right for you, this guide can save you hours of searching for contact details - including names, phone numbers, email and web addresses.  

Get Set for Manufacturing
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Frequently Asked Quesions

Some of the things you might be wondering...

Do you introduce me to the manufacturers? I can certainly help point you in the right direction of some, but ultimately the choice of manufacturer and approaching them is up to you. This course is designed to equip you with all the knowledge you need to find a suitable manufacturer for you, and approach them confidently with the information they require.

Is this the same as the Get Set for Manufacturing Challenge? No, but if you took park in the challenge then you’re going to love the course! The course will build on what you’ve already learnt and provide you with video content to refer back to and workbooks, templates and downloadable resources to help you on each step of your journey. Plus you’ll get guidance from me to help you get your particular product manufactured in the UK.

I've no experience of product development, will I be OK? You'll be fine! This course is perfect for you even if you're just starting out. It’s designed to give you all the information you need, step by step, to complete the process. I'll guide you through all the steps you need to take and you can always ask me for help through the online forum if you get stuck.

How much time will I need to put in? I've done all of the research and groundwork for you, and the course is designed so that you get all the information you're looking for in bitesize chunks. So 2 to 3 hours a week should be enough to watch through the video content, and take action on the information and activities provided, to get results. 

Will I be able to access the entire course straight away? The course is being launched in the following stages:  

Now: Access to online forum immediately. January 28 - Module 1 released February 11 - Module 2 released February 25 - Module 3 released March 11 - Module 4 released  

This is to allow you to work through each stage without getting overwhelmed. For each module I'll be doing a live video call with everyone on the programme so that you can check that you're on the right track and coach you through that module. And don’t forget you have access, right from the start, to the online support forum to ask me any questions and get support from the group.  

Is this programme just for the fashion industry? Although the majority of the people taking the course are likely to be in the fashion, textiles or leathergoods industries, the principles apply equally well to other product sectors.

Will the course be running again? I am planning to run the course again, but towards the end of 2019.

Once the course registration has closed, the only option to work with me is though limited consultancy slots which start at £399 per hour.

So, if you’re interested in getting a product manufactured in the UK in 2019 I recommend getting involved now so I can give you the guidance and support you need. 

What guarantee do you offer? This programme is designed to support you in understanding how to best find and work with a UK manufacturer. However, it is up to you to take the advice that I give you and apply it to your business and your product. If at the end of the 8 weeks you have done all of the work and taken my advice, and you're not happy with the results then I will give you a full refund.


More questions you may have are answered in this video