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Welcome to Day 2 of the Get Set for Manufacturing Challenge!

Day Two – What materials are your products made from?

Today we’re going to build on what we did yesterday because we’re going to start thinking about materials.

You might be wondering – but I thought the manufacturer would do that for me?

The reality is, most UK manufacturers won’t be able to (and if you want to find out more about WHY they won’t, then listen to this episode of the Make it British podcast.)

It’s important that you have a clear idea of the types of materials that you want to use, because being able to describe them, along with the names of your products that we discussed on day one, is essential if you want to be able to get your product made.

Some materials might require specialist machinery, and if you know what the material is called you can ask a manufacturer whether they will work with it.

So it’s important that before you contact a manufacturer you are clear on your material choices.

Today’s Task

Research the different material types that you want to use for your products and add them next to each product in your list from yesterday.

You don’t need to have previous knowledge of these materials, or have done a degree in it!

Instead, pretty much everything that you need to know in order to be able to describe the materials can be found on the internet.

You may even have found some of the information yesterday when you were looking at product descriptions.

How to find the information

If you haven’t already looked at the product descriptions for the types of products you want to make, do so now.

Make a note of the descriptions of materials, including their fibre compositions.

Then Google these material names to find out more about them.

Wikipedia is also a good place to start to help understand about materials.

Say for instance you found out that the type of T-shirt you were looking to make was made from cotton jersey. A search on Wikipedia would bring up this page for jersey, including more details about the names of the different types of jersey.

Don’t get too hung up on everything being set in stone. Things often change down the line, but having a starting point to discuss with a manufacturer will show them that you are knowledgeable and have given some serious consideration to what you want them to make.

By the end of today’s task you should have been able to add the name of the type of material to each one of the product types that you wrote down yesterday.

Need Help?

Post on Instagram and use the tag #getsetchallenge and @makeitbritish or send me a DM via Instagram  and I’ll give you my feedback.

By the end of day two you will have defined the materials you want to use for each product.

Tomorrow: we’ll be looking at materials


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