Online Masterclass

Create the Right Image for Your Brand and Customers

With Anna Rigby

Make it British Masterclass on Branding with Anna Rigby

About this Masterclass

Taking you through the process Anna uses to create stand-out, unique brand identities, you will take away a list of actionable tasks to review, and improve your brand image today! Anna will be sharing some gold nuggets from her bag of tricks and tips.

Anna will cover:

• Visually bringing to life your brand values

• How to use colour & fonts to create aspirational brand personalities

• With little or no design skills, how YOU can turn over-used social media templates into unique and engaging posts that stand-out and resonate with the right audience

For the purpose of the session, Anna will be focussing on social media presence, but the theory can be applied to all visual touch points of your business - website, packaging, email marketing, marketing material, trade show stands etc...

There will be plenty of time to ask Anna your questions at the end of the session.

About Anna Rigby

Anna Rigby is an UK based freelance graphic designer with over 10 years of experience, specialising in brand design, creative direction and art direction. She creates branding as unique as the businesses she works with, developing a brand look that communicates their business to their perfect customer.

Anna has worked with a variety of business sizes from start-ups to independents and small teams, as well as in different industries including product-based and service-offering.

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