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Who will you meet at Make it British Live? Facts and Figures revealed

The countdown is on…and we hope you’re looking forward to Make it British Live! on 23 & 24 May as much as we are.

Cash's Labels

Cash’s Apparel Solutions are one of the new companies exhibiting at Make it British Live! this year

This year’s Make it British Live! event is going to be a corker, and I promise you it will be our best show yet.

Here are the details in facts and figures:

56 exhibitors are new for 2018

You will find many new and varied exhibitors at the show this year, displaying  a diverse range of fashion, accessory and homeware products. Amongst those new for 2018 we have a blocked hat manufacturer, a yarn dyer, Britain’s only natural button makers, an holistic skincare brand and a saddlery company.

Vanners silk weavers

Vanners are the oldest exhibitor at the show, having founded their silk weaving business in 1740

21 companies exhibiting are over a century old

Many of the companies are well over 100 years old, with two being founded in the 1700’s. When you hear that there are century-old firms that have never exhibited at a trade show before you realise just how much the industry needed a platform like this to promote what they do.

Lovegrove Essentials holistic skincare

Lovegrove Essentials are a mother and daughter company making holistic skincare

30% of exhibitors are family businesses

What other industry trade show could claim that nearly a third of its exhibitors were family businesses? Make it British Live! has mother and daughter, husband and wife, father and son, and brother and sister teams coming along.

David College John Spencer

David Collinge is MD of John Spencer, a sixth generation family business

28 are garment manufacturers

Whether you are looking for dresses, knitwear, sportswear or tailoring, there are companies at the show who will be able to make what you are looking for. Some are used to making volume orders and others are experienced in helping start-ups.

7 are machinery suppliers

Because we love to hear about new factories opening up we actively encourage machinery companies to come to the show. So this year we have sewing machines, leather machinery, printing equipment, knitting machines and even light boxes. If you are setting up a manufacturing plant of growing an existing one there will be people on hand to equip you.

SL Black Label

SL Black Label specialise in embroidery applications on hats

A whopping 35 manufacture some type of accessory

From bags to belts, to umbrellas and hip flask, and scarves  to socks, there will be a huge array of different type of accessories on offer at Make it British Live! Come and see some of them in action.

25 speakers on the Symposium stage with over 500 of manufacturing experience

Where else would you get 25 speakers in the room who between them have over 500 years of experience in manufacturing fashion and textile products in the UK? We’re talking businesses that have been through the highs and lows of making in the UK and have become more successful because of it. That type of knowledge and experience is priceless!

Make it British Live!


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