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What will the Make it British Forum do for you?

Want to know how the Make it British Forum can help you build your made in Britain brand?  Read on to find out…

make it british forum

Make it British Forum was held in Leicester in 2016 and was a sell-out

Whether your brand is established or still just a twinkle in the eye; if you’re passionate about manufacturing your product in Britain or are just considering it, then we can help.  This year’s Make it British Forum is the place to find the answers to all your questions (and those you didn’t think to ask) about how to build a made in Britain brand.

Find out how attendees at last year’s Make it British Forum benefited from a day of networking, talks and panel discussions on everything you need to know to Make it British.

Atiti from Eyato London found out about British sourcing and manufacturing opportunities…

“Prior to the Forum, we had been producing bags and footwear in London and sourcing all our leather and about 90% of components from within Britain. Unfortunately, I hadn’t quite found the right suppliers or manufacturers for the outerwear, so development here was lagging.

Attending the forum, I was more curious than anything else, but nothing prepared me for the extent of insight and expertise on offer.

There were personal stories from British brand owners along with industry advice from British manufacturers, and facilitators of production / manufacturing and business growth. They were keen to share knowledge and expertise and happy to answer specific questions during the breaks.

In all honesty I was elated because I knew for a fact that my vision for Eyato London Outerwear was achievable without the need for compromise in quality or brand integrity.

As a result of the knowledge and insight gained from the Forum we gained a commission of 12 Gentlemen’s Handmade Silk waistcoats for Ascot 2017, which subsequently led to a larger order for their global distribution. We also are having a bespoke selection of silk chiffon scarves designed and manufactured for Eyato London.

The Leicester Forum inspired both of these achievements, and I feel compelled to add here that I found there to be immense support available when contacting manufacturers directly.” Atiti Sosimi, Eyato London

make it british forum

Kate Hills, founder of Make it British

Graham Holbrook grew his Turtle Doves business through contacts he made…

“At the Forum we made a contact who specialised in website builds and leveraging social media to grow your business. Our business has grown 6-fold and that is mainly to do with our contact’s digital and commercial skills.

This was seriously one of those business-transforming moments of serendipity.

Since attending the MIB Forum we feel part of the renaissance of British manufacturing. We can also see how important it is to provide structures that enable manufacturers and retailers to network. Until recently these structures were too loose and informal. Since Make it British this situation has improved dramatically.” Graham Holbrook, Turtle Doves

make it british forum

Justine Tabak gave a talk about setting up her eponymous brand

Sarah Stafford launched Noma Swimwear with the knowledge she gained…

“When I attended the Make It British Forum last year my company was only an idea, but the event fired me up and convinced me to press ahead with my project.

The format of the event – looking at sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and the great talk by Justine Tabak, was really useful for setting my priorities, and Justine kindly pointed me in the direction of a possible UK manufacturer.

I managed to launch my new business in late July, and I’m busy planning for next year and trying to scale up the business as soon as I can.” – Sarah Stafford, Noma Swimwear

make it british forum

Make it British Forum 2016

David Almond made crucial contacts…

“We made a crucial contact at last year’s Forum, namely Rachael Hobbs of Bridge and Stitch.

Bridge and Stitch have been instrumental and invaluable in helping two fashion novices get a designer menswear brand made in the UK from scratch and we are launching a full marketing campaign shortly.

Make it British has been vital to our success.”

David Almond, Snide London

make it british forum

Make it British Forum 2016

London Ethnic made the most of the excellent networking opportunity…

“A year ago, our aim to make everything we do British and to work with British-made brands seemed a lone pursuit, slightly quirky maybe, but since the Forum it very much feels like there is a growing community of like-minded business people and customers, who are willing to be very supportive and helpful.

After the show we were more committed than ever to UK manufacturing and to trying to make that happen.”

Saumen Kar, London Ethnic

Inga Lamb gained an understanding of the importance of manufacturing in Britain…

“After attending the Make it British Forum I have been even more inspired to keep my manufacturing on the UK!  I already had my business set up but I felt really inspired after the conference.

It really helped me to understand the importance of keeping industry in Britain from an ethical point of view, as well as the importance of this for future generations and to prevent global monopolies.

The Forum helped me to understand the reality of setting up a business from both a financial and emotional view point. It was also really inspiring to listen to people, who like me had set up their businesses at ‘the kitchen table’.” Inga Lamb, Harry & Lamb

make it british forum

Make it British Forum 2017

Richard Keegan of Usual Objections acquired essential advice and business insights…

We’re in the process of starting our own sports swimwear company. The sourcing has been completed for a while but we have had some hiccups on the manufacturing side of things – as we really wanted to make stuff in the UK.

We picked up loads of tips from the speakers about making thorough tech packs, monitoring costs and how to market your products.

The talks by Justine Tabak and Ticklish Kids were really helpful in providing actual documents/templates for costings/techpacks.

At the Forum we also met Rhys Gerrard from A&E sewing. Rhys definitely has been incredibly helpful for us to gain an understanding of what machines/components/processes are involved with the actual production of a swimsuit. Richard Keegan, Usual Objections

Find out more about the Make it British Forum and buy your tickets here

make it british forum


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  1. Lyn Donoghue on September 27, 2017 at 7:31 am

    It’s fantastic to learn that more and more of our resources and products are being produced in the UK. I myself hope to have my brand “the Highland Princess” produced in Scotland/UK.

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