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Best of Britannia: the most exciting British event of 2012

Make it British is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as a media partner for the Best of Britannia event, taking place in London this autumn

Best of Britannia

Best of Britannia: The only event in 2012 that will showcase products made in Britain alongside British music, art and film

Best of Britannia (BOB) is a unique event that will showcase a wide variety of products that have one thing in common – they are all made in Britain. Already a great selection of Make it British favourites  are signed up, including The Merchant Fox, St Leonards, Savile Rogue, Hype Luggage and Dashing Tweeds. They will show alongside new jeans brand Hiut Denim, Justin Deakin Footwear and Gresham Blake Tailors. What is exciting about the show is that it won’t just be limited to clothing and accessories, as Pashley and Moulton will be there with their bikes, Acid Jazz and Marshall Amps will be providing musical entertainment and everyone’s favourite cup of tea, Rosy Lee, will be serving up refreshments. Also participating will be furniture and lighting designers as well as British artists and filmmakers.

Best of Britannia

Best of Britannia: An opportunity for all British-made brands to come together and celebrate what’s great about being British

Made in Britain is the hot topic on everyone’s lips this year and rightly so. With all eyes on us in 2012 it is exactly the right time to shout about what makes Britain great. But as we reported in our Fake it British article, many brands and retailers are marketing their products as British, when that isn’t 100% correct. It makes it confusing for customers and unfair on those that are genuinely true to the cause. Which is why we were keen to be involved in an event like Best of Britannia that is genuinely celebrating only those brands that are truly British.

Best of Britannia

Best of Britannia: the future of British product innovation, design and manufacturing

BOB is being curated by Antony Wallis, who as well as having had several of his own clothing labels and design agencies, has also been involved in a variety of highly successful trade and public events. Talking to us about his reasoning behind the show, Antony said:

I felt that there needed to be an event that showcased not only the heritage brands but also the here-and-now and the future of British product innovation, design and manufacturing. My vision is for BOB to celebrate this under one roof, in the historical Farmiloe Building, with its rich heritage of trade and commerce.”

And regarding the collaboration between Best of Britannia and Make it British:

We are thrilled to have someone like Make It British, who are as passionate about British manufacturing as we are, as a media partner in our inaugural year.”

Best of Britannia

Best of Britannia: Farmiloe Building, Clerkenwell, London, Oct 5-7 2012

The Best of Britannia event will take place in the Farmiloe Building in Clerkenwell from the 5th to the 7th October, with the first day exclusive to trade visitors,  followed by an opportunity for the public  to visit and purchase products over the weekend.

There is still an opportunity for like-minded companies to get involved. If  you manufacture your products in Britain and want to take part in the most exciting, and truly genuine, British event of 2012 please contact antony@bestofbritannia.com

This show will be open to the public on the 6th & 7th October  – BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE

Best of Britannia logo




  1. Cass on July 11, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Deborah Meaden, speaking on the synergy between The Merchant Fox and BOB: “BOB: Best of Britannia comes at an ideal time for British brands producing in this country. Domestically and internationally ‘Made in Britain’ is undergoing a resurgence. Now it’s up to all of us who do manufacture in this country to continue what we’re doing to showcase what makes us as a nation, Great Britain. ”

    Hope to see you at the drinks reception Deborah and The Merchant Fox are hosting on the first evening!

  2. R T on July 18, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Really going to try and make this event as it looks fantastic!

  3. Cat on August 1, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    I agree this looks like a great event but to make sure it was right me for to travel down to London to attend I sent an email asking for confirmation. I’m a small producers of cashmere and I’m looking to expand in RTW in small but high end quantities and qualities and wanted to make sure that its right for me. So I emailed two of the contacts at BOB and weeks later I’m still waiting for a reply. Extremely disappointing but it happens so often. Why post contact details if you are not going to reply! I’m still waiting and will probably have to follow it up myself.

    • on August 1, 2012 at 4:24 pm

      Hi Cat

      Sorry to hear that no one from Best of Britannia has got back to you. know that they have been swamped by applications.
      I will contact them on your behalf and make sure that someone calls you.
      Many thanks

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