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7 Reasons why you should attend the Make it British Forum

The Make it British Forum is taking place in Huddersfield on 2nd November 2018.  Wondering about whether you should take time out of your business to attend? Here are 7 reasons why you should be there…

Our yearly conference, the Make it British Forum, can help you to build your Made in Britain brand, providing you with the knowledge and expertise you need to successfully promote and sell a brand that is made in Britain.

Not sure whether it’s right for you? Here’s why you should take time out to attend:

1. If you need convincing as to WHY you should be making in the UK

You might currently be making overseas but want to look into the validity of making closer to home. Has the UK textile industry got anything to offer your business? How are other companies making it work? Our experts will give you the latest information on what is working and what isn’t for their businesses.

2. If you want to know whether customers appreciate a product being made in Britain

What does ‘made in the UK’ mean to your customers? Just how valuable is your ‘made in Britain’ label? Find out how to stand out in an ever crowded marketplace and use your provenance to its full effect.

3. If you are struggling to raise awareness for your business and feel you’re battling against a tide of cheap imports.

This year’s Forum will look at how Made in Britain businesses are using storytelling and transparency to show behind the scenes of their companies and create true fans that turn into lifelong customers.
You’ll also find out what buyers are looking for when selecting suppliers, and how to gain their attention.

4. If you find it challenging to market your products with limited time and on a tight budget

Discover what marketing strategies other brands are using to promote their ‘Britishness’ – without resorting to waving a Union Jack flag! Learn from your peers and like-minded businesses.

5. If you’d like to make contact with other businesses that manufacture here

The Make it British Forum provides an excellent opportunity to network and make contacts from within the UK textile industry. With brands, buyers and manufacturers in attendance, as well as members of the press, the connections made at this event can prove invaluable to building your business, as many of the attendees at the previous Forums will attest.

6. If you want some fantastically sound business advice from those that make in the UK

Where else would you get the opportunity to pick the brains so many UK textile experts all in one place? The Make it British Forum allows lots of opportunity for delegates to ask questions of all of the speakers, which includes industry professionals, British brand owners and manufacturers.

7. If you’re concerned about how Brexit might effect your business

Many of the speakers at the event have seen exports rise since the referendum. Find out how they are making the most of the current demand for made in Britain products in the wake of Brexit. Walk away feeling positive about the opportunities that are ahead for UK manufacturers and British-made brands.

Want to find out more about the event? Book your ticket here.


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