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3 Months to go until Make it British Live!

If you’re thinking of skipping it this year, here’s why you shouldn’t!

In case you missed it…a few weeks ago I announced that I was changing the name of our Meet the Manufacturer event to Make it British Live!

You can read the reasons behind the name change here.

And in just 3 months from now at 9am on the dot we will be opening the doors…

Our fifth trade show… and our first ever Make it British Live!

(Mark it in your diary now so you don’t forget)

We’ve had some great feedback on the name change, but also several people asking whether the show will be focusing less on manufacturers now.

The answer to that question is No, and Yes.

Make it British Live! will still be the only place that you can find all of the UK manufacturers that you need under one roof.

But it’s not just about finding manufacturers any more.

It’s also about a whole community of buyers, designers, students, retailers and manufacturers coming together to inspire, learn, network and support each other in their quest to make British manufacturing great again.

But no one ever said regenerating the UK textile industry was going to be easy.

Despite new factories and mills opening all the time, there is still a long way to go. The UK supply chain is still quite fragmented…which is why I set the show up in the first place. So that the industry could come together and meet face-to-face.

Someone told me yesterday that people don’t go to trade shows any more. They do business over the internet instead. Poppycock!

You can’t beat meeting people and doing business in person, which is why I wrote this article here:

Why you need to meet a manufacturer face-to-face

Our trade show is not just about visiting stands (of which we’ll have about 200 this year by the way)…but it’s about meeting people too. Other people that have the same passion for UK manufacturing as you do.

So if you were wondering whether you were going to bother coming down to the Truman Brewery in London on 23rd and 24th May this year, either because you aren’t specifically looking for a manufacturer at the moment, or because you think you can do all of your business online…please think again.

You have my personal guarantee that it will be worthwhile.

And just so you have some ‘skin in the game’ as they say, why not register now so that you commit to coming!

(and if you want to snap up one of those stands for your business, whether you are a UK manufacturer or British-made brand, click here and we’ll contact you with more details)


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