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10 Reasons to exhibit at a trade show

Wondering if exhibiting at a trade show is right for you and your business? Here’s 10 reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss this form of marketing.

trade show, Make it British Live!

With the rise in online marketing you may not have considered exhibiting at trade show, but they are a powerful platform for your business and the benefits are multiple.

1. Raise brand awareness of your business

Exhibiting at a trade show presents you as a credible business and increases your visibility. You’ll be surprised at how many people will discover you in this way that would never have found you via social media.

2. Speak directly to your target audience

Trade shows attract thousands of visitors who are there because they want to meet businesses like yours. it’s a great opportunity to meet your customers (and potential customers) in person and get feedback from them on your products.

3. Optimise your sales strategy

Trade shows run over one or two days so you are meeting a high volume of potential customers in a short space of time. It’s the perfect environment to test and adapt your sales strategy.

4. Let potential customers see your products in real life

Customers need to be able to touch and feel the quality of your products and see your workmanship, you can’t do that through your website.

5. Strengthen your relationship with existing customers

Being based at a trade show for a couple of days is the perfect time to invite existing clients to see you in a different environment.

6. Get to do business face to face

Meeting potential customers in person is more likely to have a successful outcome, especially when you can discuss projects with your products and samples to hand.

7. Make valuable industry connections

It’s not just customers you’ll meet at a trade show, meet other industry professionals to collaborate with, or expand your supply chain.

8. Network with important decision makers

Unlike other forms of marketing, the audience at a trade show are there to source products and services and close deals with you.

9. Learn from other exhibitors

Take the opportunity to see what others in your industry are doing, what direction are they taking? What’s working and what isn’t?

10. Learn about new industry developments

Attend workshops, talks and seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest industry thinking and technologies.


What exhibitors at Make it British Live! have said:

“We get to meet new customers & see face-to-face our existing customers” Silk Bureau

“A great opportunity to network with people from different parts of the industry” Marks & Spencers buyer

“It’s a great focal point to meet people who do actually want to buy things that are made in the UK. Extremely good value for money and where else are you going to see this many potential clients in two days?” Abraham Moon & Sons

“We’ve met so many great people – also other exhibitors bouncing ideas off one another. We’ve never done an exhibition before and we’re really glad we have.” Autumn Down

“There is no other show like this to represent British manufacturing in the textile industry so 100% worth doing” Stead McAlpin

trade show, Make it British!


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  1. Maeve O'Loughlin on April 27, 2018 at 7:11 pm


    I am an Artist and I am looking for someone to print my images on tshirts, sweatshirts, vests (yoga tops) and large canvas shopping bags.

    Please let me know if you know of anyone.

    Many Thanks


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