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At Verisimilitude they believe in taking their time to create knitwear pieces that embody the journey each product makes. From hand-sorted fleeces to the design floor, where ideas evolve and merge, harnessing the innate qualities of the materials used.

Based in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, they strive to stay as true to local production as possible. Following the tenets of slow fashion, they source Scottish wool from its most enigmatic islands and celebrate the skill and workmanship of British textile heritage.

They want each garment to encompass the processes that have gone in to creating it; the time taken to select the right fleeces, to experiment with each dye, fabric and fibre. They embrace the annual shifts in tone and grain that naturally occur in the yarn each year, allowing them to accentuate their uniqueness throughout our collection.

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Their commitment to British Made begins with the raw material. From their studio in the Outer Hebrides, they source wool from across the Scottish islands, the raw fibre turned into yarn with a little help and expertise from West Yorkshire mills. Their designs and colourways are meticulously prototyped in-house before they enlist manufacturers in the Scottish Borders and Leicester to help them keep up with demand.


From raw material down to the very details, they source as much as they can within the UK and love finding new ways of doing so. They are particularly fond of their pure silk garment labels which are woven for them in Devon; and more recently they had the chance to work with a revived British button factory to supply the corozo buttons for an upcoming range. The raw materials in these two cases is of course imported, but shaped with great skill in Britain to form the perfect accompaniment to their native wool knits.

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