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FOXOLOGY was born out of its founder, Dawn Foxall’s passion for knitwear, heritage and quality, coupled with a desire to communicate the urgent need to slow fashion down. Proud of its sustainability, ethical sourcing and British heritage, Foxology was launched as a proactive brand - part of the wave of brands supporting slow fashion.

In a world of destructive FAST fashion, where we are desperately trying to understand how to manage the future of our industry, we question and redefine the meaning of the words LUXURY and SUSTAINABLE: Small is beautiful, quality is essential, buy once and cherish, transparency throughout - we need to SLOW fashion down!

This is why Foxology does not do seasons. We add to the range what we believe our customers want and need and sell through those styles and colours that become less popular.

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Foxology garments are currently knitted in a family run business in Hinckley in Leicestershire and some accessories are produced in Hawick in the boarderlands of Scotland. Both Hawick and Leicestershire are known for their hosiery and knitwear heritage, which is as good a reason as any to support the factories we work with. Both are family run entities and produce some of the finest, highest quality products in the world.


The yarns are sourced through spinners in Scotland and Italy which have outstanding sustainability and ethical standards in place, including circular water treatment plants, environmental and human welfare projects. It is important that Foxology tries to give transparency through its supply chain and demands this of it's suppliers. Foxology is currently working towards sheep to store tracking with one of it's spinners. We are working with label manufacturers Cash's in Coventry, to develop sustainable, made in Britain labelling and swing tags for the brand.

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