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Esteem - No Pause

Esteem - No Pause


Saving Women from Nature.

Esteem - No Pause is an innovative provider of flexible clothing - lingerie / daywear / nightwear that alleviates the discomfort and debilitation of excessive perspiration, including menopausal hot flushes. This is achieved through technical high performance fabric Made in Italy and stylish design that women actually want to wear Made in Britain. The result is clothing that boost self-esteem when most needed.

Due to demand a male range is currently in development with a T-Shirt already on sale via the website. This item is very popular amongst men with cancer.

Unlike our competitors we acknowledge the full range of customer suffering from excessive perspiration, including menopausal women and will be introducing: a young range; transgender range; new designs ; and bedding over the coming years. Assistance in development of new ranges will be rewarded with a gift pack of clothing/bedding.

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All clothing is made in Britain.


The technical high performance fabric that feels wonderfully comfortable, luxurious and soft against the skin, whilst working hard to keep you dry is Made in Italy.